Our inspiration for the name SFEAR is a book called ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’ It takes a lot of bravery for some to even walk in to the gym hall because their journey may have been troubled. We want to ‘Stop the Fear’ and hence the name SFEAR.
But now it means so much more than that:


Be positive whatever your goals

These are the values we teach our students and is the mantra for our instructors and staff.

Our club is fully inclusive and we work with everyone who has the commitment to improve themselves little by little. We offer a range of fitness classes, kickboxing and is home to Ross Holistic Nutrition.

We can devise bespoke fitness programmes for individuals or groups. We run Pre and through season Sports Conditioning classes for local sports clubs that wish to improve their levels of fitness/strength/stamina (or all of the aforementioned) and maintain them throughout their competitive cycle. If you simply wish to lose weight or feel good then we would love to hear from you. We are definitely family orientated and love it when people get involved in our activities.

Client Feedback:
I love it here, it took a lot for me to come in, but I feel like I can be myself and don’t have to try and be something I’m not. The variety of classes mean that I can workout in different ways and times’

If you are nervous about coming in, just contact us through the contact details on here or Facebook and we can pick a suitable time for you to visit. Otherwise, just pop along and say hello.

We work with various people and organisations to ensure we provide as good a service as possible to our clients.  Mieke Tate, three times WAKO World Points Champion is our club ambassador and grades our blackbelts and holds seminars at the club.  She is a fantastic representative for the sport and we are lucky and very proud to work with her.  We also have several links in with local sports clubs and businesses.  We are really pleased to work with and associate with them.  We call them collaborators, but they are certainly friends and help form part of the community of Lossiemouth.  You can read more about them on the links below.

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Meet the Team

mieke tate SFEAR Kickboxing Health and Fitness Lossieouth Moray Scotland

Club Ambassador – Mieke Tate

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