Black belt awards SFEAR Kickboxing Lossiemouth Moray Scotland

Mieke photo-bombing, Alsadair, Ellie and Fiona lol

Kickboxing Black Belt Fitness Lossiemouth Moray Scotland

Keep the smiles going!

Kickboxing Health Fitnesll Elgin Lossiemouth Moray

Big Big smiles all around!

Kickboxing Health and Fitness

Alasdair is unable to take his eyes off the prize!

Kickboxing Health Fitness Elgin Lossimouth Moray Scotland

Antics – Alasdair on the floor again and a disapproving look from the Sensei!

Ellie Scott-Alasdair Tilley-Kickboxing-Health-Fitness-Moray

Stuart and Ellie show off their certificates and and shinny new Black Belts

Ellie Scott-Kickboxing-Health-Fitness-Moray-Scotland

Ellie Scott Strikes a pose! Well done Ellie

Mieke Tate-Lahra Gauld-Jill Fletcher-Sfear Kickboxing-Health-Fitness-Lossiemouth-Elgin-Moray

Jill Wraps up the awards with Mieke and Lahra

Matthew Slessor-Kickboxing-Lossiemouth-Moray-Scotland

Matty Slessor collects his Runner-up trophy for Student of the year.

Student of the Year-Kickboxing-Lossiemouth-Moray-Scotland

Ellie Scott receives Student of the Year

Matthew Slessor-Lahra Gauld-Kickboxing-Lossiemouth-Moray-Scotland

Applause for Matty Slessor

Fiona Lasley-Mieke Tate-Kickboxing Lossiemouth-Moray-Elgin

Job done Fiona Lasley, see you next Tuesday

Mieke Tate-Alasdair Tilley-Kickboxing-Lossiemouth-Moray-Scotland

Mieke reads Alasdairs Belt before handing it to him

Mieke Tate-Alasdair Tilley-Jill Fletcher-Kickboxing-Lossiemouth-Moray-Scotland

Mieke Tate presents Alasdair Tilley with a well earned Black Belt and Certificate

Mieke Tate-Ellie Scott-Jill Fletcher-Kickboxing-Lossiemouth-Eligin-Moray-Scotland

Well done Ellie Scot on your Black Belt. Awarded by Mieke Tate

Jill Fletcher Proprietor SFEAR Kickboxing, Health and Fitness-Lossiemouth-Moray-Scotland

Jill Fletcher gets the awards on the go


Well done Owenator!

SFEAR Black Belt Awards Kickboxing Health and Fitness Lossiemouth Moray Scotland

The awards night gets underway.

After a six hour grading Fiona Lasley, Ellie Scott and Alasdair Tilley passed their Black Belt grading with flying colours.  Mieke Tate, congratulated them on their dedication and determination to reach their first Dan/star, but reminded them that this is the first step to becoming a master at your Art!  We had a great time afterwards with the other club awards being presented and families being able to relax and enjoy a great night at the club.  Well done to everyone on your awards and thank you to everyone else for making it such a great night.