We’ve all been there, frustrated with injuries, thinking how or why so long to get back.  It’s a perpetual problem for athletes that seems to be an occupational hazard.  The main issue that causes the frustration is that it may not have been caused by a collision or impact, but by something seemingly innocuous or

  • Preparing to Win

    Winning isn’t everything, some of the most powerful lessons are learnt in defeat.  If you are lucky you will have the opportunity to learn from those that have made mistakes before you follow the same path.  For me, to win against quality opposition is about attitude, not just that self belief, but the ability to

  • You’ve got to love progress!

     As we move further into the spring competition cycle it’s always good to see everyone pushing themselves and of course being successful.  We’ve been in the mix at Scottish competitions now for about three years and it has been a really positive experience for the club and our athletes alike.    It’s not always gone our