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Competition Sparring – putting it all together!

The Competition Sparring Class is for anyone wishing to compete and includes all age ranges. Before attending this class you must seek advice from Sensei Lahra.  The class is set up to help those who want to fight at any level of competition. The club often takes fighters through the full range of local competitions to international tournaments.  The sole focus of this class is to help fighters improve in a competitive environment regardless of level.  Sensei Lahra will develop each class to suit the individual, leading into given competitions and help the less experienced gain confidence  as they progress into this arena.

For the more experienced it will include video analysis and feed back from peers within the group, as well as the coaching team.  The whole point of being in this class is to be better than your last fight! That means students have to be coachable.  Students must be willing to listen and be adaptable while receiving instruction and accept critiques on their fighting style.


Kickboxing, martial arts, Karate, Elgin, Moray, Lossiemouth,

Open Sparring with Raijin, Inverness

Competition Sparring differs from club sparring greatly.  Competition sparring generally uses a handful of simple techniques and variations executed with speed and controlled aggression. The class helps fighters read basic ‘tells’ and indicators that fighters use to set up attacks and defend against them.  Whilst contact is controlled, we do develop body conditioning for the senior fighters in the group. Both Points and Continuous forms are practiced, dependant upon individual competition schedules.  During these classes students are encouraged to engage with each other and  the coaching group.  Students need to think, ‘What did I learn, how do I use that to improve?’ This principle ensures that both students and coaches maximise session effectiveness.