Fighting Fit is an invite only class for those Athletes that wish to compete at National Level Competitions and above.

Kickboxing, SFEAR, Moray, Lossiemouth, Elgin

WKA Scottish Kickboxing Championships

The classes are designed to help improve athletic ability for competition. The class will be structured to improve individuals whilst in a class setting. Dependent upon the competition cycle, focus will switch between strength and Power to Speed and Agility. Each exercise progression is based on a breakdown of the movements needed in the sport. Whilst competition fitness and techniques are important, this class is also designed to make each individual robust and injury prevention also plays a significant part of the class design.

The lower age limit for this class is 12.  Consideration of age and physical development is of the utmost importance when placing young bodies through the stresses and strains of competition and fitness classes.  We will always consider where an athlete is in their growth pattern and are qualified to work with young children outwith Martial Arts.

Is you are interested in competing at an elevated level, then please contact Sensei Lahra for further information.