Warriors (5 to 7 years old) is the youngest age group of classes that we run at SFEAR. The classes are based on the skills and drills of kickboxing, whilst instilling respect, self-discipline, resilience and teamwork and also developing Co-ordination, flexibility, Speed and a healthy apatite for Kickboxing and Fitness. The classes have to be fun, engaging and structured to ensure your child gets the most out of the sport and more importantly enjoys it.

This is a vibrant class with a large range of abilities. The Warriors are tested through a belt system that eventually sees them gain a Junior Black Belt.  We run four Gradings a year with three Tag Tests between each Grading.  The Tag Tests are run during class times and are scheduled into the warrior programme.  The Gradings are run on a Sunday every three months, which gives plenty of time to hone and develop the skills to gain that all important pass.  Tag Tests show how the student is progressing towards their Grading.  Tag Tests are relatively informal and develop confidence leading into the formal Grading.