Health Camp has a holistic approach to making those changes in your life that will last. Boot Camps are very well and good if you are joining the military or for a short hit of training and weight loss, but studies have shown that once you stop, the weight soon ploughs back on. They are also loved by trainers as they are cheap to run and very lucrative, but the high numbers in these camps often mean you will not be supervised correctly and your goals are often merged or forgotten into the groups need.

Our Health Camp looks at your goals and aspirations and challenges you through progressive fitness, dietary advice and general life style coaching. We also have a qualified Chef Kerry Hooper who will give you tasters, recipes and advice on food preparation so that the healthy food choices are to your taste.

Nutritional advice is given through Ross Holistic Nutrition ( Karen Ross will provide you with all the nutritional advice you need to ensure that you can make the right dietary changes for your goals.

Our team are fully qualified to deliver the advice and develop the programme to your needs. We deliberately keep our numbers low so that we can focus on each individual and develop the programme to ensure your success. We also have a closed group so that the instructors and Health Camp members can chat as a team away from the club so as to develop your confidence and give mutual support.

We are also able to help people with curtain medical conditions due to our REPs Level 3 GP Exercise Referral qualified instructor Lahra Guald. All our instructors are first aid trained, so you will all be in safe hands.

For more information and course timings and costs please contact us by email at or through our Facebook page or by phone on 07900906316.