Our Sports Conditioning class is developed for multi-sprint, contact sports, although it will certainly benefit sports and activities that require high-intensity work loads, rapid acceleration/power development and short or minimal recovery periods.

Rugby Training Moray ScotlandThe classes run throughout the year and changes focus to reflect the annual training cycles for those attending.  We ensure that we assess and set the foundations for competitors, so that they develop correct posture, range of movement and core stability, before moving onto Strength, Power and Speed work.  Once the season is under way we vary and adapt the sessions to maintain general physical development and work on areas of weakness.  These sessions are demanding and will challenge fit individuals.  That said, we all have to start somewhere and we do take into account your overall fitness abilities and adapt exercises, resistance and time into account.  If you have specific training needs we are happy to advise you and where appropriate develop our class to suit.

Moray Typhoons Ice-hockey

Key development through:

Flexibility, stability and mobility;

Strength training – Olympic lifting, resistance training, bodyweight training & manipulation;

Plyometrics, agility and speed;

Mental robustness.

Our training methods vary in order to improve performance, but consistency and commitment to any programme is essential to increase overall performance in your chosen sport.


If you or your team would like specific sport/team training, then we also offer personal training, small group and team sessions. If this is something that would interest you, please get in touch and we can discuss your training needs.