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Samurai Demo Team
Logan’s Day

The Samurai (7 to 11 years old) group is a busy group that has kids of all abilities and levels (entry level to black belt) enjoying Freestyle Kickboxing. The classes are designed to continue the physical drills & skills learnt at a younger age whilst maintaining the ethos of mutual respect, self-discipline, resilience and teamwork.  Samurai also work towards there Black Belt at an advanced level. The syllabus is the same as the Teens and Adults.


Physical ability is taken into consideration during grading as children of a similar age can have quite different levels of development.  Like the Warrior groups we have three  Tag Tests and a Grading  every three months.  The Tag Tests are run during class time, are fairly informal and develop the confidence of the student leading towards their actual, formal Grading.  Children can join this class at any point within the age range.

At this age we also start to identify children who can take on the extra responsibility of being a STAR member. This entails leading groups within the classes and helping the instructor deliver the class. It is a great way to give a child extra responsibilities in a safe and controlled environment as they move up through their belts and prepare them for greater challenges.