Teens and Adults Kickboxing is a joint group. We have an age range from 13 years old through to Senior Citizen. We have found that this mix of ages works really well for the group and each students takes a lot from it.  The syllabus is developed using current best practices from WKA and WAKO as well as having been scrutinised by three time WAKO World Champion Mieke Tate.  Each class is developed to help students progress through each belt in about three months. Our Black Belt test is run annually, which give students the extra time they need to prepare for this final grading, The Black Belt grading is conducted at the club by an independent assessor of at least 3rd Dan standard and for the last three years this has been done by Mieke.

Like with the Samurai group, we split the class on a Friday into beginner/intermediate and advanced belt classes.  This allows students to receive more focused attention to their techniques as individuals, where on a Tuesday all grades work and support each other as they progress.  We have found that this mixture of classes really helps bring students on, as well as keeping a team and friendly atmosphere to the club.

Friday Beginner / Intermediate Class – 18:15

Friday Advanced Class – 19:00

The Teens and Adults classes are very dynamic and great fun, as both groups progress towards their next belt through respect, physical challenges and development of their techniques, speed, co-ordination and stamina.  There is a wide variety of abilities and grades within these classes and we welcome all.  We encourage all our students to develop at a pace that is right for them. We are conscience that Teens and Adults have study, family and work commitments, therefore, everyone will grade at a different pace.