Zumba is an aerobics fitness program that was created primarily by Beto Perez. Zumba originated in Columbia in the 1990s, when Beto forgot a CD for his aerobics class. He used one of his personal CDs (traditional Latin music) and taught a dance-style aerobics class on the spot. Zumba was born! Since then, it has become a crazy booty-shaking world phenomenon, with over 6 million participants taking classes each week.

Our Instructor Joanna Scott is ZUMBA trained, endorsed and insured. She has been running classes at SFEAR since December 2014 and has also run a charity event for the Lady Bird Group in Lossiemouth at the club (check out our Facebook page for more information). There are no wrong moves in ZUMBA, just the extra ones you make up if you lose track! Come along and give it a go.