Kickboxing World Champion

Mieke Tate WAKO World Champion 2003, 2005 & 2009

Mieke Tate (Hink) is a three times (2003, 2005 & 2009) WAKO World Champion, something that no other female fighter has achieved.  Mieke settled in the UK from her native Netherlands in 1997 to pursue her passion in marital arts.  Mieke quickly established herself as a prominent force within Kickboxing in the UK, but has always maintained her links with Holland by representing the Netherlands during her world cup campaigns. Mieke has also studied Wushu, Freestyle Karate and Sport Karate.

Whilst Mieke no longer competes she is still very much involved with kickboxing and martial art. Mieke set up and owns Aim High Martial Arts in Nottingham and features in Fighter Training an on line martial arts tuition website.  Since she has stopped competing Mieke is very much giving back to the sport and has been very influential with a number of the sports top competitors. Mieke describes her greatest teaching achievement as being the development in junior fighters she has worked with and being an inspiration and role model to younger girls especially.

mieketatefplargeMieke grades all our Blackbelts at SFEAR and has had involvement with the club for a number of years.  Mieke is very inspirational not just in what she has achieved with Martial Arts, but also as someone of great integrity and friendship.  We always love having Mieke at the club, as she is so open to all the kids and adults on and off the mats.  In addition to Blackbelt grading Mieke also runs a workshop for our fighters and has always been willing to share her wealth of knowledge.

It is a great honour for us at SFEAR to have Mieke Tate as our club ambassador and friend.