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At SFEAR Kickboxing, Health & Fitness we offer our members a bespoke one-to-one personal training service. We have a number of qualified Instructors and Personal Trainers that offer a wide variety of qualifications and disciplines. With their help you can dramatically boost your fitness levels and your overall wellbeing.  Why use us?


We will keep you motivated through your programme by supporting you, goal setting and education.

Knowledge & Skills

Our team are qualified professionals and continually update their knowledge and skills to ensure that the training we deliver is up to date.


We’ll be committed to help and support you through to the achievement of your goals.


Why do we do this? Because we care about you getting the results you want.

How we get going?

First thing we will talk about is you and why you want to use a Personal Trainer.  It’s really important to us that you get the results that you want,  so we must listen to your concerns and aspirations.  We will then set some goals that will be time specific and achievable.  All of this is free, once you decide to commit to a programme we can discuss training times and fees.  Our fees are very reasonable and we have several options and discounts available.

Some food for thought.

A part of any programme we devise we will consider diet. Not some faddy thing, but a diet that will help you reach your goals in a healthy and progressive way and most importantly, be sustainable.  Quick change and over training will set up most people for failure. Therefore, we must look at what is achievable and realistic.  This doesn’t mean you will not find our programmes challenging, as we will make you work hard in order to force those adaptations that will see you meet your goals.

Meet the trainers

Our trainers are REPS qualified and have a diverse set of skill to help you be successful.  You can view their profiles here.

Get in touch

If you are considering using a personal trainer please get in touch and we will help you reach your goals. Contacts Page